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Floating Staircases

Do you long for elegance combined with minimalism? Thanks to this construction you will get functional and stylish staircase which fits room any size. Additionally, it will be adjusted to your wishes and the look of the whole house.

Floating staircases offered by our company are built without the typical support structure of traditional stairs. Treads do not rest on any stringer or a frame, but they are anchored in the wall, thus appear to be floating. This feature sets their uniqueness and makes them nowadays one of the most desired constructions. This type of stairs is ideal for places with limited space, as they do not block off the area underneath the treads. Similarly, they can be set up in wider spaces, as an attractive part of a modern apartment.

Visual focal point

No wonder, floating staircases are a growing trend in modern homes. Thanks to them, your house will look more interesting and unique than before. Additionally, you will change a simple space into a stylish place, as this construction may become an attractive focal point of the apartment. Their unique and technical look can take your room to the next level.

Combine different materials

Cantilever staircases look good on their own and they are best for those who appreciate minimalist designs. However, you are free to combine treads with other materials for a more attention-grabbing floating stairs. You can combine warm wooden treads with stainless steel hardware to get more extraordinary look or opt for a clear glass balustrade for more safety. Numerous other materials are possible as well – you may choose your own style.

Space-saving solution

Floating stairs are ideal for small places and allow maximum light. To begin with, they take up little space and you can use the space underneath them in many creative ways. What is more, cantilever stairs infuse a lot of light that makes interiors seem more airy and spacious. You may choose from straight, quarter turn or curved structure, depending on the apartment’s setting.