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Glass stair staircases

This construction is perfect for both houses and offices. It creates an airy and elegant space and is nowadays getting more and more famous among diverse clients. Although glass staircases are one of the most difficult to built, compared with other architectural materials, at the same time these kinds of constructions are the most spectacular and unique. They can change the appearance of each apartment or commercial building. In our offer you will find different kinds of such staircase which will let you choose the most appropriate, compatible one.

Masters of illusion

Glass stairs make it possible to play with light to create many different illusions. Thus, they fit perfectly into well-lit spaces where they beautifully reflect the light. In dark places, LED lighting can be fit under the treads, creating a mysterious effect. Moreover, the staircase can be equipped with glass balustrade and stainless steel connectors.

Weightless elegance

Glass stairs look impossibly light and weightless and as such they brighten up the room and make it look more airy. They are an architectural feature that is a must-have in any modern house. Since this material itself is very decorative, the whole construction adds to the elegance of the house.

Variety of styles

Glass staircases can be realised in a variety of styles. They can be straight or turned, helical or curved. All shapes are possible. They look especially striking when cantilevered from the wall, which makes them transparent. Moreover, the construction may be created in different colours, depending on the colour of the walls and client’s wishes. They can also have a logo of your company incorporated in the treads.

With Contemporary Stairs from London, you are sure that your stairs are safe and sound. They have anti-slippery treads and are built from toughened material. We are true specialists so you can trust us with designing and installing reliable and solid stairway.

Choose the most unique and classy solution and change the look of your apartment.