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Helical Staircases

In search of modernity, style and uniqueness it is impossible not to check this construction. Helical staircases are a great solution for those, who want to add grandeur to the building. The construction resembles an arch in their shape and, as such, it is one of the most impressive stairs. They rest on only one central column which gives them more airy look. What is more, they do not make a full circle, but they sweep across the room, grabbing a lot of attention and making the space very interesting. Their large radius makes them easy to ascend.

Elegant solution

The beauty of helical staircases is recognised all over the world. What makes them so extraordinary is the way the stairs sweep in a broad curve from one floor to the next. They look better in bigger houses, where they can flow up freely, and in huge offices, as a sign of modern sophistication.

Challenging construction

Helical stairs are the most difficult to build. The treads need to be wedge-shaped, the stringers, balustrades, and handrails have to be curved. They are a pinnacle of achievement for any stair designer. That is why they are built only by the most experienced companies which are not afraid of new challenges. At Contemporary Stairs we are ready to skilfully complete such project.

Traditional or contemporary

You can decide on a contemporary or a traditional helical staircase. Whichever style you choose, our craftsmen will fabricate them using only the finest, long-lasting materials. Helical stairs are always made to measure to ensure a perfect fit. What is more, the construction can be made of glass, steel, wood and a wide range of combinations of these materials, depending on client’s wishes and the decor of the interior.

Although more expensive than classical ones, these staircases may become a true focal point of each apartment or office. They fit both traditional and modern interiors and are admired by everyone, who enters the building.

Make a smart investment and introduce a fresh air of sophistication into your interior.