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Middle Spine Staircases

Middle-spine staircases are far from traditional and boring. They are freestanding stairways that don’t need supporting walls on either side. Instead, treads rest on a central spine, which gives the impression of floating. Due to the building regulations, the beam needs to be made of steel; you can still get carried away when it comes to treads, balustrades and colours.

Visually interesting

Central-spine staircases become more and more popular due to their interesting look. Treads can rise in a total harmony with the central beam or you can go for a favourable contrast choosing different materials and colours that can also imitate the existing interior design.

Practicality counts

The fact that treads are attached to a central spine rather than a wall gives you more opportunities; a staircase can be installed right in the middle of the living room, thereby attracting a lot of attention. Also, the central spine gives the solid feeling when ascending and descending.

Home decoration

Various materials can be used in crafting your dream middle-spine staircase: wood, metal, glass, and you can freely combine colours. Therefore, you can carry any design idea onto the stairs and make them the integral part of your house.