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Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases are made very compact. Their main feature is the fact that treads ‘twist’ around a centre pole. They can be manufactured right or left turning with different numbers of steps per revolution. In terms of appearance, a spiral is never too dominating and so it complements modern and traditional décor.


Spiral staircases are valued for their compactness. They are very popular in places where space is at premium, e.g., loft conversions. They require the same small base no matter how high you need them.

Effective shape

Thanks to its shape, spiral stairways look extremely effective; they are often a decoration in themselves. With endless variations of railing styles, you can achieve a perfect staircase for you dream home, whether it is a traditional house or a contemporary apartment.


Spiral staircases can be realised in a variety of materials and colours. Due to the building regulations the central pole should always be made of steel. The rest is up to your imagination. You can also combine various styles and create, let’s say, a zigzag spiral.