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Zig-Zag Staircases

Zigzag design staircases are undoubtedly trendy and they fit in well with residential as well as commercial spaces. They are self-supporting, fixed only at the top and the bottom, and so they can be installed anywhere in your house to suit your design ever so perfectly.

Delicate look

Thanks to the use of structural elements, we can craft zigzag stairs very thin. This way, they will never look to heavy and they will fit well into any space. For a more delicate look, we suggest a warm wood and a visually clear glass balustrade running along the stairs.

Flexible design

With zigzag staircase you can go traditional or modern, simple or extravagant. The choice of materials and colours let you design your very own stairs that will fit in with your interiors, whether it is a high-end house or a minimalist office.

Safety above all

Zigzag staircases are one of the safest staircase solutions. Closed risers make it easier and safer to climb the stairs, even for children and the elderly. Additional zigzag stringers prevent any bouncing from occurring, so you can be sure your stairs will serve you for years to come.